dslr workshop Your_Nikon d500_mastered

John Clements Nikon D500 ‘Mastered’


Date           Thursday 28th June 2018   
Location      Horsham, West Sussex
Venue         Cameracal
Leader        John Clements
Price           £129.00

For photographers to quickly get to grips with the Nikon D500’s full potential.

Since its introduction the Nikon D500 has created for itself a first class reputation. Arguably Nikon’s finest DX model to date. It is simply packed with potential across many types of photography for the professional and serious enthusiast photographer.

This workshop is a significant exploration of its capabilities and presented in a logical step-by-step way. These capabilities are then put into real word shooting perspectives. And who better than John Clements to do so!

John Clements is a professional photographer who has shot Nikon for decades and formerly Nikon UK’s Advisor on Photography. Immersed in the system and it’s possibilities, he is still utilised by Nikon UK  for his technical, photographic and presentation skills.

The day takes an honest and inspiring approach, not just to the camera but also your system and shooting techniques. John’s courses are known for being ‘fun with facts’. Put simply it shortens the learning curve for any Nikon D500 shooter , saving time and money in the long run with content you will not find elsewhere for the stills photographer.

Some of the days content includes:

  • Step – by – step advice on setting up your camera to meet your specific needs.
  • Correct explanations and demonstrations of exposure tools such as histograms, metering patterns, HDR and more.
  • Truly unlocking (NEF) Raw file potential, and avoiding issues.
  • Dynamic Range in the real world. Getting the scope you need
  • Get great Jpegs out of the camera.
  • Getting your colours right.
  • Autofocus refined and explored.
  • Major technical tools explained, explored and joined up to work together.
  • DX Format Perspectives.
  • Practical sessions to allow you to shoot high quality images to go away with, and to explore the D500’s true potential as we go.
  • Further Nikon system and third party advice
  • Q&A Throughout.

Our prices include all tuition during the workshop, tea and coffee service in the morning and a buffet lunch. Course starts at 10.30am and finishes at 4.30pm