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This ground breaking brand are set to storm through its competition. They have given incredible transparency on their testing against the rivals and are justifiably proud of the results and quality of products. Their proven claim is offering “The worlds sharpest and most colour neutral ND and CPL filters guaranteed” .Take a look at their Dark Cir Pol filters which are a combination of an ND filter and a circular polariser. We have just taken delivery of our first shipment of stock! As always we will be doing our own tests. First up will be their Nightsky filters. Anyone interested in astro photography keep an eye for our blog on these filters. They deliver incredible starlight definition and true colour neutrality.


ITAI Course

A brand new course for the Institute for Traffic accident Investigation. Following on from Cameracal’s founder Anthony’s previous years of experience training our boys in blue to accurately and effectively record serious road accidents and that evidence to retain it’s digital integrity to a level that is submissible as evidence in court.


DSLR Workshop - Adobe LightroomNew Workshops

New dates for our current Lightroom and sensor cleaning workshops have been post with more dates to follow. Open Ended bookings are now available for those that wish to gift a workshop or those who just aren’t sure when they are going to be free and can book in at short notice if the there is a free space. Two new courses are being put together for the new year : Your Canon Eos R Mastered and Your Nikon Z7 Mastered for those who want to springboard your understanding of these models!

PDF Guides on Specific Cameras

For those that simply live too far from our studio to attend a workshop of 1-2-1 training we will be posting a range of interactive pdf DSLR instruction manuals and guides. These will be formatted for mobile as well as desktop so it can be easily accessed where ever you are.


Farmers Market - lens calibration

Shows for 2019

After our great success at the Farmer’s Market in Brighton we have a growing list of other events we will be attending including other Farmer’s Market events, photographic shows and travel shows. We often go to camera clubs so if you are a member of a camera club and think your fellow members would be interested in talks on lens calibration, sensor cleaning, Lightroom and loupe deck then please do drop us a line.


Along with the regular updates on news from the photographic industry, problems we come across in the studio we will also be blogging on the various reports generated when calibrating a lens. These reports can be rather dry reading to say the least and probably put our customers off reading the reams of content. But if you dig deep there is some very helpful information there. So we will be posting blogs on the key information and what is actually means practically.

Matterport 3D Imaging

Recently  we had the Cameracal Studio mapped using a Matterport camera and software. A blog will be posted in January 2019  of the result and of a 3d imaging service with staggeringly good result!

For our Facebook followers there will be a range of webinars on a range of calibration related subjects


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