Aperture Optimisation for DLSR camera lenses.

Lenses tend to perform / return the sharpest results at given apertures. Optically the apertures that return the softest results are either when lens is open at the widest aperture or when closed down to the smallest aperture.

The optimum aperture is often referred to as the “sweet spot”. Ascertaining this optimum aperture can be both time consuming and difficult to perform.

We are however able to offer a service in which we are able to calculate the “sweet spot” of your lenses, ensuring you are able to use your lens to its optimum performance.

The process is also able to calculate the diffraction point, this is the aperture at which quality starts to deteriorate.

This service is recommended and compliments the initial calibration process and ensures you are able to obtain the best possible results from your lens.

Please refer to the following video for a demonstration of the process.

With ever increasing pixel counts on the latest cameras (Nikon D810 and Canon 5DR / S) the problem of diffraction becomes more apparent. Our software solution is able to ascertain the diffraction point based on the pixel count of your camera.

The lens aperture optimisation service is priced at £19-00 per lens.

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