The Best Sensor Cleaning Kits!

There are a huge variety of sensor cleaning kits on the market. We have used many of them over the years, and have come to the conclusion that no manufacturer has managed to produce a kit that really is the best in all it’s constituents. So what makes the best sensor cleaning kit? We are in the advantageous situation of being sent samples to tryout and have been able to select the best from a range of manufacturers and combine them.  The best blower, the best sensor inspecting loupe and the best sensor cleaning materials.

Dry Sensor Cleaning Kit:

This kit is for regular dry cleaning of your sensor to remove dust and loose material.

Wet Sensor Cleaning Kit:

 The best sensor cleaning kit for a wet clean are made up of the five items which we use on a daily basis in our sensor cleaning service, all delivered in a neat case. This kit is for a deep clean of the sensor. The kit comes in a full frame and cropped frame version.

Information in Sensor Cleaning

How to clean your sensor then ready our main Sensor Cleaning page as a guide


Workshops – How To Clean Your Sensor

If you are still feeling unsure of cleaning your own sensor we regularly run a How To Clean Your Sensor – Workshop which is both technical and practical. Half the course is given over to practise cleaning a sensor on a demo model.

Sensor Cleaning Service

If you would rather have your camera cleaned by us then view our sensor cleaning service options.


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