Camera and Lens Calibration Service

If you are experiencing persistent problems with a high percentage of soft or out of focus images you may need to have your camera and lens calibrated. Front and back focussing errors are the most common causes. Whilst knocks and bumps are often know to cause misalignment of lenses this is by no means the only significant cause. With the ever increasing sensitivity of photographic equipment even brand new lenses straight out of the box often need calibrating to your camera body to get enjoy the full potential of the lens camera combination.

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Why use Cameracal?

Here at Cameracal we are confident that we provide a market leading camera and lens calibration service. Not only do we have decades of industry experience but also a long standing mutually beneficial relationship with Reikan, the producers of the leading calibration software FoCal. Not only are we a test centre for FoCal but also a beta tester for new releases and developments.

We offer a fully insured FedEx service using secure and padlocked Peli cases to courier you equipment to and from Cameracal.

Full documentation is given on each calibration

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Cameracal sensorcleaning service

Sensor Cleaning

Why we believe our sensor cleaning service is the market leader in the UK.

1. Test shots using Focal to determine the degree of dust contamination. Shots are taken at every aperture to demonstrate at what apertures dust is evident. A detailed report of any dust spots / foreign matter on the sensor and the apertures these would be problematic. Sample report

2.  All sensor cleans are carried out in our unique dust free sensor cleaning cabinet complete with extractor fans and hepa filters

3. A thorough sensor clean is undertaken using only the best products available (correct sized sensor swabs and smear free fluid) 

4.  Cleaning of the  sensor chamber using the appropriate swabs.

5. Cleaning of focusing screen if required using the appropriate swabs (focusing screen is removed to clean the prism – model specific).

6.  All actions carried out are itemised and reported on.

7. Creation of a dust verification reference point in camera to prevent problems in the future (Canon and Nikon only)

8. Once we have carried out a thorough sensor clean we vacuum seal your camera to prevent any risk of post clean contamination.

9. Loyalty reward scheme via our CameraCal app.

We now offer camera sensor cleaning products for sale


Lens Optimisation Report

Lenses tend to perform / return the sharpest results at given apertures. Optically the apertures that return the softest results are either when lens is open at the widest aperture or when closed down to the smallest aperture.

The optimum aperture is often referred to as the “sweet spot”. Ascertaining this optimum aperture can be both time consuming and difficult to perform.

We are able to offer a service in which we are able to calculate the “sweet spot” of your lenses, ensuring you are able to use your lens to its optimum performance.

The process is also able to calculate the diffraction point, this is the aperture at which quality starts to deteriorate.

This service is recommended and compliments the initial calibration process and ensures you are able to obtain the best possible results from your lens.

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