Camera Sensor Clean Service

We use only the finest products to ensure your sensor is dust and pollutant free and will also create a new Dust Verification (Canon) Dust Off (Nikon) reference should you experience problems in the future.

If left and not checked dust and other foreign matter can often spoil images and even with careful software cloning be unrecoverable.

As part of the service we can also provide a report which analyses the number of dust spots / foreign matter particles on your sensor and at what apertures these would be visible at.

*Dust off facility found on Canon / Nikon models works by applying a small voltage to the sensor glass which has the effect of vibrating any dust particles from the glass, dust is then collected by a sticky adhesive strip at the bottom of the sensor chamber. Note this is not effective against pollen, diesel or other sticky airborne residue which has a tendency to stick to the sensor glass.

At CameraCal we are confident that we provide the most comprehensive and thorough sensor cleaning service available in the UK. Below are our reasons why. 

1. Test shots using Focal to determine the degree of dust contamination. Shots are taken at every aperture to demonstrate at what apertures dust is evident.A detailed report of any dust spots / foreign matter on the sensor and the apertures these would be problematic. Sample report

2.  A thorough sensor clean using only the best products available 

3.  Creation of a dust verification reference point in camera to prevent problems in the future (Canon and Nikon only).

4.  The sensor chamber is cleaned.

5. Cleaning of focusing screen if required (focusing screen is removed to clean the prism – model specific)

6.  Loyalty reward scheme via our CameraCal app.

7.  All actions carried out are itemised and reported on.

8. Once we have carried out a thorough sensor clean we vacuum seal your camera to prevent any risk of post clean contamination.

We now offer camera sensor cleaning products for sale

No matter how careful you are trying to control the environment we change our camera lenses in unless you are in a hermetically sealed ‘clean’ room you will introduce contaminants into your sensor chamber. Over time these contaminants can build up and if nothing else considerably increase your post processing time removing spots from your images. At worst , depending on the contaminants , start causing damage to your sensor


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