After the Christmas break and the end of 2018, the Cameracal team wanted to share their best photos from the year. Below is one photo from each member of the team, highlighting our year in pictures. Some of us have more time than others to shoot, so excuse the dodgy iPhone photo!


Mark’s image of the Jack & Jill Windmills.


Mark, who works in the studio from Monday-Wednesday, is very keen on his landscapes and is getting into astrophotography. When working, he does a percentage of the calibrations and runs the logistical side of things with FedEx. The picture above was taken at the famous Jack and Jill windmills in Hassocks.


Anthony’s daughter Bella.


Anthony is the founder of Cameracal and all things too technical go to him. He is chief at calibrating, and his knowledge of the technical side of photography is second to none. With a company, and an energetic two year old daughter to look after, his time for personal projects is now limited to his family.


Luke picture of two leather traders haggling in Chouara Tannery, Fez, Morocco.


Luke works in the studio from Wednesday-Friday, and on the other days’ works in the press photography industry. He has pictures published in the newspapers on a regular basis and has several major awards. He also has an affinity with Africa, regularly travelling to western Africa to photograph different stories and is quoted as saying ‘My most memorable moment this year was being chased by machete armed men intent on circumcision in The Gambia, or getting hit by teargas canisters in Paris’.


Trevor’s image of a Lion cub in Tanzania.


Not only is Trevor the best accountant ever, he is an incredibly esteemed wildlife photographer – winning several major awards. As I’m writing this, he’s preparing to go back to Costa-Rica to improve his already beautiful photos of the biodiversity out there.


Andy’s cheeky iPhone image taken on the Sussex coast.


Andy is involved in the background running of Camercal, working on the website and all things Breakthough. He has vast experience in the photographic industry, managing the operations of several major camera stores since the transition to digital cameras.


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