FedEx Collection and Delivery Service for Calibrations

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of our FedEx courier collection and delivery service for our calibration and sensor cleaning services, we have recently negotiated a more favorable cost which we are passing onto our customers. Our delivery charge has been reduced by over 28% to £39. This includes Cameracal shipping to you the padlocked peli cases to keep all your photographic gear protected. After dropping off the peli cases they return to collect your gear and deliver to Cameracal HQ deep in the West Sussex countryside. Once we have carried out our market leading calibration /sensor cleaning service FedEx then collect the same peli to return your cameras and lenses to you. Finally, FedEx take the peli case away and return them to Cameracal HQ. We keep cases in all manner of sizes from a single camera body and lenses to multi bodies and lenses and can even accommodate lenses up to 400mm primes. Of course we often have to send more than one for those big kits!

FedEx Collection and Delivery for Calibrations

Put like that it may seem like a rather protracted arrangement but read our testimonials and see how previous customers have found the service. There are companies that will expect you to deliver your extremely valuable, let alone precious, equipment to them and then they ship back in a cardboard box! Not happening here. Years in the industry have led us to use one of the best couriers in the world with some seriously strong and secure cases. Your gear comes back to you not only safely but with significant improvements!

“one of the best decisions that I have ever made” Kevin – Wildlife Photographer

“brilliant service, accommodating and thorough” Rachel – Cumbria

“if you live in remote parts of the U.K.” Valerie – Remote Southwest!

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