Cameracal’s Sensor Cleaning Service

We are constantly striving for perfection and are always looking for innovative ways in which to provide our client’s with the best possible experience, be it calibration or in this case sensor cleaning. We all struggle against the infiltration of dust into our photographic equipment most obviously when changing lenses leaving the body momentarily open. This being the exact situation when cleaning the camera’s sensor and for considerably more than a moment. So we have been looking for a solution and found LCDIT anit-dust chamber. It is used by companies that replace LCD screens on mobile phones and tablets. Absolutely perfect for our needs. Whilst it wasn’t cheap we believe that we can now offer an even better sensor cleaning service. We know that our local competitors do not go to these lengths to prevent dust contamination and haven’t heard of any another company further field! So probably the best sensor clean service money can buy.

The fight against dust and air pollutants goes on! The photographer’s nemesis has just been pushed back a number of notches at Cameracal. We recently installed a dust free cabinet which comprises of two high powered extraction fans with Hepa filters (High-Efficientcy Particulate Arrestance). HEPA filters remove 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3 micrometres. This will help minimise any dust contamination whilst we undertake our in-house sensor cleaning. 

Sensor Cleaning Service

Along with our comprehensive list of standard protocols (see below) this ensures we can offer the most comprehensive sensor cleaning available.

Sensor Cleaning Protocols

  • A test report to determine the degree of dust contamination (size and number of dust spots present). Shots are taken at evert aperture to identify at which apertures contamination is evident
  • A thorough sensor clean using only the best products available
  • Creation of a dust verification reference point in-camera to help with batch editing.
  • Full clean of sensor chamber (if required)
  • Cleaning of focusing screen if required
  • Loyalty reward scheme available via our Cameracal app
  • A Fedex fully insured collection and delivery service available for distant clients (additional cost)
  • While you wait drop in service (by appointment) for local clients.


This comprehensive service is priced as follows:

Crop sensor (1.3 x , 1.5x, 1.6x or 2x) – £36-00

Full size sensor – £56-00

There is another addition to our sensor cleaning service equipment arriving soon to help with the fight against dust contamination.  Like the dust free cabinet, this will enable Camercal keep ahead of our competitors and be the best sensor cleaning service in the UK! To keep up to date keep and eye on our bog, facebook page or  on instagram


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