Pre-Owned Photographic Equipment


Buying pre-owned photographic equipment can be a great way to upgrade your kit and take your photography to new heights. It can also be a lottery. Buying equipment with an unknown provenance and often unseen can be unpredictable.
At Cameracal with our considerable experiencing in buying, testing and selling pre-owned photographic equipment we know we can sell with confidence to our customers.
All camera bodies and lenses are given a 15 point check before we purchase.
Shutter counts given for camera bodies.
Stigmation factor is measured on all our lenses to detect an misalignment by knocks and bumps
All equipment is thoroughly cleaned including our market leading sensor clean.
Then vacuum sealed before selling.
360 degree images are posted to give you the very best possible visual of the equipment.
Many of our customers  send their camera bodies or lenses to us so we can calibrate with their new purchase.
All our used equipment comes with a six month warranty

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