Astigmatism Test


Astigmatism Test

1 Lens (this can either be a prime or a zoom) Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Tamron (with Nikon or Canon mounts)

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Astigmatism Test

Consists of 1 Lens (this can either be a prime or a zoom)

Either for Canon, Nikon and Sigma or Tamron with Nikon or Canon mounts.

Due to significant risk of buying used and even brand new photographic equipment the ‘Stig’ Test can confirm if the glass elements of the lens are correctly aligned. In other words has the lens been banged or dropped. 

See our blog post – Why You Should Get Your Photographic Equipment Tested – The Stig Test


Once the Astigmatism test has been run we will supply a full test report for the lens. This report can give irrefutable evidence of the quality of the lens element alignment. If the the test results show the elements are significantly out of alignment then the lens can be returned to the retailer if within your 14 days cool off period.

For local drop off service the average turnaround is 48 hours. For customers further afield, using our FedEx service average turnaround is 72 hours. Should you require a astigmatism test urgently then please do contact us.

If you are outside of our catchment area for our normal pick up and drop find out more about our nationwide FedEx service


We also offer a lens optimum test in which we can identify the best aperture in which to shoot at (often referred as the lens sweet spot) and the point at which diffraction occurs.

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