Magnetic X4 UV Filter

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A rugged weather-sealed protection filter engineered for the avid outdoor photographer, the X4 UV filter features critically sharp SCHOTT glass made in Germany, MRC16 and their state-of-the-art nanotec nano coating layers.

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Breakthrough Photography Magnetic X4 UV Filter

Breakthrough Photography is a filter research and manufacturing company that designs, manufactures and sells the worlds sharpest and most colour neutral ND, UV and CPL filters. Breakthrough Photography X4 UV Filter is the third step in their range.


Why Magnetic Filters?

Less expensive to make. Less expensive to buy.

There’s approximately 15% unusable surface area on square filters, unnecessarily increasing cost to both the manufacturer and photographer. Because magnetic filters are based on a circular design, there’s no unusable surface area on the glass. As a result they’re much less expensive to make.

Breakthrough Photography’s cutting edge research and alternative manufacturing methods deliver the most colour neutral ND filter for the discerning landscape photographer. In the time that it took them to achieve the X4 ND’s unparalleled colour neutrality they also took their hand at redesigning the filter frame from the ground up.See below for reviews on Breakthrough Photography X4 Neutral Density 10 Stop Filters.

0% Light Leak

We have eliminated light leak with magnetic filters. Now, when shooting with a 15- stop ND, you no longer need to consider light leak through the lens (however light leak through viewfinder can still be an issue)

Instantly attaches.

Instantly attach magnetic filters in just a quarter of a second. Square filters require correct alignment to the holder, whereas magnetic filters precisely attach every time to the correct position. And like square filters, our new magnetic filters will work on 82mm thread sizes and smaller. Instead of buying a filter for each lens you simply need either a magnetic adapter ring or a step-up ring.

N.B. A magnetic adaptor wheel is required. 


Worlds Sharpest Protection Filter.110% Guaranteed.

The X4 UV achieves a higher optical resolution than any other protection filter, and thanks to their state-of-the-art and uniformly applied MRC16 and nanotec nano coating layers, the X4 UV lives up to the demands of the professional outdoor photographer.

Critically Sharp SCHOTT B270

The X4 features SCHOTT Ultrawhite B270 optical glass made in Germany. Breakthrough Photography’s state-of-the-art multi-resistant coating has 16-layers (MRC16) which increases light transmission to 99.4% and creates a protective layer that’s structurally harder than the glass.


The forefront of Nano Coatings built into both sides.

Their breakthrough nanotec® Nano Coating layer repels dirt, water and other elements by beading rather than absorbing, making it easier (and faster) than ever to clean.


Less becomes more.

The X4 UV features an ultra-slim double-threaded 3.1mm Frame which eliminates vignetting and light falloff on full-frame wide-angle setups while still working with all your lens caps.

Breakthrough Photography support you, and the world.

Breakthrough Photography stand behind every filter they make with their 25 Year Ironclad Guarantee. For every sale they also give 5% directly to non-profits, helping make the world better. Great support all around.

Every X4 UV filter has a unique serial number laser engraved onto the interior frame. When you activate your 25 Year Ironclad Guarantee, they assign this serial number to you.

And after activation, and in the event you ever need to contact us for support, you don’t need your purchase information or receipt ever again. This also allows for them to confirm non-genuine copies, and any feedback or insight you provide to us about your filter goes directly into future products.

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