X100 Holder (100mm square)

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Easy one-handed operation with a unique and oversized CNC machined Snap-Lock knob.

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Breakthrough Photography X100 Holder (100mm square)

Breakthrough Photography’s cutting edge research and alternative manufacturing methods deliver the most colour neutral ND filter for the discerning landscape photographer. To attached these exceptional filters to your camera you will need a filter holder. Breakthrough photography follow their same practical design ethos through with it’s filter holders too. Their all new X100 Holder has been designed from the ground up to eliminate vignetting down to 16mm on a full-frame sensor. And with its innovative snap-lock mechanism it makes attaching and detaching the holder fast and secure. This filter holder is also compatible with other brands of square filters.

Along with a filter holder you will also need an adaptor ring to attached the holder to your chosen lens.


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