Camera Support Service

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Camera Support Service – calibration, sensor clean, 1-2-1 tuition. and more…

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Camera Support Service includes



Calibration of a body and 3 lenses. Usual reasons for calibration are either front and back focussing issues or new piece of equipment to a photographic kit.  This could be a body or lens. To get the best out of any new addition to a photographic kit it should be calibrated.


Annual Camera Service

Annual camera service – Deep clean of your camera body inside and out. This includes our market leading sensor clean service. So if you are preparing for a photographic trip and want to make sure your gear is in optimum condition or returning having put your kit through heavy use this process ensures you are ready for your next photographic trip.

Internal cleaning includes:
  • Sensor
  • Chamber
  • Mirror box (DSLR only)
  • Viewfinder and eyepiece
  • Focussing screen (but not extraction of)
External cleaning includes:
  • Main external body
  • Buttons
  • Controls,
  • Dials
  • Flash housing
  • Eyepiece
  • LCD screen
  • Connections, USB, remote control, battery
  • Memory card doors
Annual camera service also includes:
  • Update camera firmware (if required)
  • Configure battery (Canon LPE- Series only)
  • Shutter count check (Applicable to certain Canon / Nikon models only)
  • Check and configure camera’s settings based on customer’s chosen genre (i.e. focus and other applicable configuration settings) . More information on camera configuration


2 Hours of 1-2-1 Training

This training can be at our studio if you are local or online via a suitable video link. Most commonly we find 1-2-1 tuition has been requested for the following reasons:

  • Change of camera – get the most out of your camera as fast as possible
  • Exploring a new photographic genre – camera settings and configuration for new genre and shooting techniques required
  • Post production workflow in Photoshop, Lightroom and the use of the Loupedeck+
  • Preparation for a photographic trip like a safari.


15% discount on any repair required during the 12 months. Should your camera or lenses need a repairs we will give a 15% discount on the cost of those repairs.

Free Lightroom workshop and sensor cleaning workshop held regularly at our studio.

All aspects of the service need to be redeemed with in 12 months of purchase.

This service will incur the courier charges for a standard calibration.


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Cameracal- UK's leading camera and lens calibration specialists. Other services include sensor cleaning, annual service and training


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