CNC Step Up Rings

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Finely machined brass with knurled edges then coated to withstand corrosion and other abrasive elements



CNC Step Up Ring by Breakthrough Filters


Considering the fairly simple task a step up ring does the selection of one should be a fairly straight forward and simple task. Then why is there such a large choice with significantly differing prices? And why choose a Breakthrough Photography x4 step up ring?

Key factors are the metal used and the quality of machining. These two factors effect the chances of filters jamming. The surface of the outer rim also can greatly help the removal of the ring. Cheaper step-up rings tend to be made of aluminium or anodised aluminium, cheaper but more likely to become jammed together. The more expensive brass option is widely considered the best metal to manufacture step-up rings from is brass for performance, consistency, durability, and reliability.

One thing to bear in mind when deciding which step up ring to purchase is the metal used to manufacture the filters you have. Generally speaking it is better to marry a brass filter with a brass step up ring, and aluminium to aluminium

One helpful feature is side-knurled edges that make it easier to grip the rings or filters when attaching or removing them from the lens threads.

So Why Choose Breakthrough Photography’s Step Up Ring?

Breakthrough Photography manufacture this step-up ring with brass and then apply a matte black electroplated finish, which withstands corrosion and other abrasive elements often encountered in outdoor photography.

The result of better construction and materials, combined with a proven design makes this step-up ring the most durable and functional step-up ring available to professional outdoor photographers.


Breakthrough Photography’s ND Buying Guide

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