Cropped Sensor Cleaning Kit – Wet

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The Best Cropped Sensor Cleaning Kit For Your Kit Bag



The Best Cropped Sensor Cleaning Kit – Wet

There are a huge variety of full frame sensor cleaning kits on the market. We have used many of them over the years, and have come to the conclusion that no manufacturer has managed to produce a kit that really is the best in all it’s contents. So what makes the best sensor cleaning kit? We are in the advantageous situation of being sent samples to tryout and over the years have been able to select the best from a range of manufacturers and combine them.  The best blower, the best sensor inspecting loupe , the best sensor cleaning swabs and the best sensor cleaning fluid. The best sensor cleaning kit for a wet clean are made up of the four items below which we use on a daily basis in our sensor cleaning service, all delivered in a neat case. This kit is for a deep clean of the sensor.

We also do dry sensor cleaning kits for a regular removal of dust particles.

The Best Sensor Cleaning Kit – Dry

For further information on how to clean your sensor then ready our main Sensor Cleaning page as a guide

If you are still feeling unsure of cleaning your own sensor we regularly run a How To Clean Your Sensor – Workshop which is both technical and practical. Half the course is given over to practise cleaning a sensor on a demo model.

The Best Cropped Sensor Cleaning Kit – Wet – Case Contents:

Ezklean Sensor Inspecting Loupe  – The Ezklean sensor loupe is one of the best loupes on the market, designed to identify even the smallest of dust particles and debris in high resolution.


JJC Professional Dust Free Air Blower – not only does this have a very strong puff, it also filtrates out particles to less than half the width of a human hair so you are not pushing particles into the sensor chamber. Use this first when cleaning your sensor.


Dust Aid Ultra Clean Camera Sensor Clean Fluid 15ml – Not only is ULTRA CLEAN the fastest evaporating DSLR sensor filter cleaning liquid available, it also has the least amount of residue left behind after evaporation.


Alpha (Blue) Cropped Sensor Cleaning Swabs – 17mm APC-C Kit 3 (12 Pieces) – DustPatrol’s Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs provide the photographic community with a non-welded and non-glued sensor cleaning swab



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