Cropped Frame Sensor cleaning

£36.00 Inc. VAT

Crop sensor – £36-00 per camera


DSLR Cropped Sensor cleaning service(1.3x, 1.5x or 1.6x).

Please note the delivery charge for our sensor cleaning service only covers the return of your camera via FedEX courier service. If you would like your camera collected then please add to to your cart the collection service below. The collection service does not include locked Peli cases.

These include APS-C sensors for Canon, Nikon, Fuji X series, Sony E-mount and Pentax and also APS-H sensors found in the Canon EOS 1D,Canon EOS 1D MK II,Canon EOS 1D MK N, Canon EOS 1D MK III,Canon EOS 1D MK IV.

At CameraCal we are confident that we provide the most comprehensive and thorough cropped sensor cleaning service available in the UK. Here are our reasons why: 

Due to the delicate nature of DSLR cropped  sensors it is almost certain at some point it will be necessary for you to have your sensor cleaned. A simple lens change will almost certainly cause you to introduce some dust and pollutants into the camera chamber. As a result a percentage will adhere to the sensor’s surface. This can build up with the frequency of lens changing.

Our Cropped Sensor Cleaning Service.

1. First of all one of our technicians takes test shots using Focal to determine the degree of dust contamination. Shots are taken at every aperture throughout the lens range. This will demonstrate at what apertures dust is evident. Noteworthy is a detailed report of any dust spots / foreign matter on the sensor. The report also shows apertures these would be problematic (selected Canon and Nikon models only). Sample report

2.  Secondly we carry out a thorough sensor clean using only the best products available including sensor format specific sensor swabs and smear free cleaning fluid. The whole service is carried out in a LCDIT anit-dust chamber.

3.  Then we crate a dust verification reference point in camera to prevent problems in the future (Canon and Nikon only).

4. Finally we clean the sensor chamber using appropriate swabs.

5. In addition we can clean the focusing screen if required using appropriate swabs(focusing screen is removed to clean the prism – model specific)

6.  Further more with the necessity of sensor cleaning frequency we have a loyalty reward scheme via our CameraCal app.

7.  In conclusion we itemised and report on all actions carried out:

Sensor Cleaning Service Customer Report

  • Sensor Checked for Scratches / Marks
  • Dry Clean Undertaken
  • Wet Clean Undertaken
  • Number of Swabs Used
  • Sensor Chamber Inspected / Cleaned
  • Mirror Box Inspected / Cleaned
  • Focus Screen Area Checked / Cleaned
  • Dust Verification Reference Created

A minimum of three different swabs during each sensor clean:

  • Appropriate sized sensor swabs (micro four thirds, APS-C, APS, full frame, cropped frame or medium format)
  • Corner swabs
  • Chamber swabs

Cropped Sensor cleaning – £36-00 per camera

Please note in order for this to be undertaken we require the camera to be supplied with a fully charged battery. Sensor cleaning will only be undertaken by Cameracal under the proviso that the customer has not attempted to clean their sensor before. Any evidence of previous attempts of cleaning or prior damage and the sensor clean will not be performed until discussed with the customer. This is likely to delay the service and may result in the return of the equipment without having the sensor cleaned.


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