Dust Aid Platinum Cleaning Kit

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Dust-Aid Cleaning Strips 

Replacement cleaning strips for DUST-AID Platinum. These CLEANING STRIPS are used to clean dust and fibres from DUST-AID Platinum silicone pad before the DUST-AID Platinum is used on a sensor filter.

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Dust Aid Platinum Cleaning Kit

Dust-Aid Platinum is a cleaning tool for removing dry, loose dust-particles from DSLR sensors.
The Platinum’s silicone pad is safe to use on any sensor filter.
Dust-Aid Platinum has been tested on all sensor types including those cameras with internal self-cleaning mechanisms. It is also safe to use on coated and uncoated sensor filters.
Weighing around 30grams the Platinum kit is small, light and travel friendly.
How to use the Dust Aid Platinum Cleaning Kit:
The kit includes a wand with a silicone pad at one end and 6 cleaning strips. To use the Platinum simply peel the backing paper off one of the cleaning strips, then press the silicone pad onto the cleaning strip. Doing this cleans the silicone pad, once the pad has been cleared of dust, it is ready to use.
You then use the silicone pad to remove loose dust from your sensor. The silicone is naturally tacky, so dust adheres to it. Just gently press the pad down on your sensor and lift. Don’t rub or drag the pad, just a simple press and lift. When you have used all 6 cleaning strips you can purchase a replacement pack of 12 strips to replenish your kit.


Please be aware that this is an adhesive based product and should be stored in a cool location to avoid degradation of the adhesive.


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For further information on how to clean your sensor then ready our main Sensor Cleaning page as a guide

If you are feeling unsure of cleaning your own sensor we regularly run a How To Clean Your Sensor – Workshop which  will leave you confident. It is both technical and practical. Half the course is given over to practise cleaning a sensor on a demo model.

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