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Extender Calibration

Either for Canon, Nikon or Sigma

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Extender Calibration

Please note this service is for one lens plus extender on one body. This combination goes through exactly the same process as a calibration of one lens on one body. If you require the extender to be calibrated with more lenses or bodies please add this service for the number of combinations.

For Example. 2 lenses and 2 bodies to be calibrated with one extender would equate to 4 calibrations and would required this service to be added four time to your order.

Extender Calibration is just as important if you use an extender regularly. So include your extender with the rest of your photographic kit that needs calibrating. An uncalibrated extender attached between a calibrated camera body and lens can significantly negate focussing accuracy gained from the kit calibration.

If you have an extender in your kit and would like it to be calibrated with your big zoom then please add this product to the basket along with the appropriate calibration kit.

Extenders can be Canon, Nikon or Sigma. Please check that your lenses is compatible with the calibration process via the links below.

Due to the slight variations in production or after heavy usage lenses and extenders can fall out of alignment revealing itself most commonly with front or back focusing issues. Our calibration service will return your equipment to its optimum accuracy. 

we have found that whilst extenders are an invaluable piece of kit that dramatically increase the focal length of your zoom they are also notoriously time consuming to calibrate with lens and camera body. The inclusion of an extender will always double the time required to calibrate the lens and body.

Please note that the calibration of your kit will be ‘lens and camera’ as well as ‘lens, extender and camera’

Please note in order to undertake our calibration services, our software based solution requires access via the camera’s USB port. Please ensure this is fully working before instructing Cameracal to undertake any calibration (applicable to Canon & Nikon models only).

Please note – Test results – Before & After may not initially show vast improvements. This is often due to the fact the lenses do not always resolve the optimum quality when used wide open as in the maximum aperture. Significantly sharper images can be obtained by stopping the lens to a smaller aperture

If during the test, we find this to be the case we will record images at smaller aperture to demonstrate that sharper images can be obtained by taking comparison shots before and after calibration.

We also offer a lens optimum test in which we can identify the best aperture in which to shoot at (often referred as the lens sweet spot) and the point at which diffraction occurs.


Collection and Delivery or Drop Off and Collection

For local drop off service the average turnaround is 48 hours but an appointment must be made before hand.

For customers further afield, using our FedEx service average turnaround is 72 hours. Should you require a calibration urgently then please do contact us.

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