Highline Ballhead Titanium

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Highline Ballhead Titanium


The Highline Ballhead is available in aluminium and titanium. It has an extremely high 54lb/24.5kg load capacity and is ergonomically designed to easily adjust and operate the camera with your shooting hand.

The Highline ballhead is made for photographers with large camera rigs. With re-engineered internal mechanisms designed to increase locking force, The Colorado Tripod Company offers a ballhead with incredibly high load capacity. 54lb / 24.5kg. That’s more than double Manfrotto, Gitzo, Vanguard and many other industry leaders.


Highline Ballhead Aluminium

The Highline ballhead has an all-new, patent pending, enlarged drop window which allows for a wider range of motion, both passed 90 degrees and laterally.

Highline Ballhead Titanium Specifications:

48mm Ball Diameter
4 inch /10.2cm Height
0.75lb / 0.34kg Weight
54lb / 24.5kg Load Capacity
2.5 inch / 6.35cm Base Diameter


The Highline Ballhead, along with every product from the Colorado Tripod Company comes with a 10 Year Warranty.

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