Tumbler Small Hurricane Blower by VSGO

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The best mini blower available. Internal filter, soft nozzle, anti-roll to prevent nozzle contamination. VSGO yet again produce the best in category.

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Tumbler Small Hurricane Blower

VSGO DDA-10 Dust Filter Hurricane Air Blower with Anti-Rolling Gyro Technology of Stabilisation

  • Air filter blocks dust in the air from entering into the air blower
  • Anti-rolling Gyro technology prevents the nozzle from touching the ground
  • It fits in palm of your hand comfortably, easy to squeeze
  • Small size and big Power





In our search for the best sensor cleaning products available VSGO are consistently top of our list. Because we use, in our sensor cleaning service, the products we also sell we need the best. Presently VSGO supply the best sensor cleaning swabs and the best puffers.


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