Photographic Training

 Macro Photography DSLR Workshop

DSLR Workshop – Macro Photography

Location   West Chiltington West Sussex
Venue      CameraCal Studio
Tutor     Anthony Sinfield
Price        £99.00

Marco photography can be one of the most rewarding genres of photography but is often seen as one of the most difficult. Initially the methods used are often outside of most photographer’s normal realm of experience. Our course explains the methodology in a practical and memorable way. On this one day macro photography workshop we will cover all of the key aspects of the genre.

On our Macro Photography 1-2-1 Training can cover the following but is tailor to your requirements:

  • Selection of equipment be it macro lens, extension tubes and macro filters.
  • Importance of focal length
  • Subject plain
  • Focus point
  • Choice of aperture – depth of field
  • Impact of sensor size
  • Use of ISO
  • Use of flash
  • Tips and tricks

This 1-2-1 2 hour training is suitable for photographers new to macro photography or who have been disappointed with their results to date.



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