Photographic Training

 Guest Tutor John Clements

DSLR Workshop – Digital Camera Mastered In A Day

Location   West Chiltington West Sussex
Venue      CameraCal Studio
Leader     Anthony Sinfield
Price        £129.00


 Saturday 7th July 2018


Saturday 1st September 2018


This unique course offers a step – by step approach to demystifying the technical tools that our cameras feature to enable the highest image quality, and logical overall workflow.

Many have an understanding of the concepts, but relatively few have been able to explore fully the real world applications. In truth many features lie dormant or under utilised by not joining them logically with others.

So this workshop is for those wishing to fill-in some gaps, have a reminder, or simply aiming to understand how the highest quality results starting with the captured image are obtained.   
It is unlikely that any other day course covers these fundamentals in depth but in such a logical way.
John Clements is a respected technical expert having formerly been ‘The Advisor Of Photography for the Nikon Corporation in the UK’. Since those times he has worked with many other well known companies as a consultant often behind the scenes. 
And alongside, he puts things into the real world due to his decades of professional photography shooting experience.
Drawing on his digital imaging knowledge 9starting in the late 1980’s)  this day is an easy to follow exploration of the major aspects our camera tools can take care of to end up with a top class professional standard out of camera file. 
All joined together step – by -step, so even this starting out will be able to gain much from the day, and punctuated with practical elements to cement the content as we go. 
Suitable for any camera that has the following tools.

On this full day Digital Camera workshop we cover the following:

  • Really getting an optimum exposure
  • Metering – why we have options and what they are really good and bad at
  • Understanding and using your histogram(s)
  • Colour – modes and black and white balance explored and logically explained
  • Working with JPEG, TIFF and RAW files in practice
  • Losing the myths and gaining the benefits
  • What you need to calibrate on your camera from the box to shortening your overall workflow
  • Q & A throughout
  • Practical sessions



10am Coffee and registration

10.30am to 4.30pm Workshop including a break for lunch

Please bring your camera and a short telephoto or macro lens of similar coverage. A Speedlight and other lenses are optional.

Our prices include all tuition during the workshop,  tea and coffee service, a buffet lunch and course notes.


Tel: 01798 306599