Epson Print Academy - Post Processing and Printing Masterclass

Aspect2i -Post Processing and Printing Masterclass

Date          Tuesday 4th June to Thursday 6th June 2019
Location    Horsham, West Sussex
Venue       CameraCal Offices
Leader      Michael Pilkington
Price         £675.00

Aspect2i has always been passionate about the final stage of the photographic process, which is the making of fine photographic prints. Creating fine prints demands specific skills and techniques as your digital camera Raw files will not resemble what you saw when you made your exposure.

This intensive three-day workshop aims to cover every aspect of image making from camera RAW file to finished exhibition quality prints.

As digital photography changes and evolves so have we at aspect2i. Over the last two years our approach to the digital darkroom and Post Processing has changed considerably so if you have attended any of our Epson Print Academy workshops in the past we believe that this workshop will be hugely beneficial!


Topics covers in this 3 day post processing and printing course:

Digital Darkroom

The key stage of the journey to the perfect print is post processing, an area that many photographers find daunting or complex and this is often the stage which can ruin your chance of getting a fine image ready for printing and web use. We have developed an effective and simple approach that will guarantee that you get the very best out of your RAW files. We will cover:

  • Initial post processing/refining the digital negative using Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom
  • Key tools and post processing techniques – Essential Advanced techniques for addressing problem image files
  • Controlling deep shadows and harsh highlights
  • Using masks
  • Adjustment layers
  • Nurturing colours and creating beautiful black and white tones for monochrome
  • Digital darkroom for Black & White images
  • Split toning of Black and White images
  • Creating Panoramas and image stitching

Print Making

Having created a correctly post processed file you need to begin considering the printing process and ensuring that your printer and monitor set up is correct. We will cover the following:

  • Colour management
  • Calibration Print and Screen Resizing
  • Setting your equipment up for exhibition quality printing
  • The essential controls
  • Sharpening for screen or print
  • Paper Choice
  • Epson Driver Settings including the Advanced Black & White Driver
  • Soft proofing and matching your monitor

Print and Post Processing Review

You will have the opportunity to discuss and review images that you have created and our leaders will be on hand to offer advice and help. We will also post process and print some of your images during the three days.

During your time with us you will be in the best hands possible and we will be there at all times to answer all of you queries about your image making and printing and provide you with answers to issues that you may have been grappling with for some time.

During the workshop you will work with Paul Gallagher a professional Landscape Photographer and Master Black and White Printer and the author of three books. Also with you will be Michael Pilkington, a professional landscape photographer with almost two decades of experience and an expert in post processing using Photoshop as well as Lightroom. Both Paul and Michael will share with you their extensive knowledge and experience in all types of image processing, colour management and use of the most up-to-date printers and technology.

This workshop will have limited places to reflect the nature of the individual attention we will be giving you.

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