Aspect2i – The Black & White Digital Darkroom

Location    Horsham, West Sussex
Venue       CameraCal Offices
Leader      Michael Pilkington
Price         £175.00


Date          Wednesday 20th March 2019


Date          Friday 17th May 2019


This one day workshop will provide you with the ultimate experience of creating superb black and white prints that display beautiful tones.

Contrary to popular belief simply converting colour your colour digital camera files to black and white seldom produces an expressive black and white photograph. During this workshop, we will show you, in detail, every step of the way to creating an exhibition quality black and white print

This class provides expert advice from an experienced professional in the field of Black and White printing. The session will give you an understanding of a simple workflow to obtain superb black and white prints from your Epson printer.

  • Understanding colours as ‘tones’ of grey
  • Methods of converting colour files into black and white
  • Using the targeted adjustment brush in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom
  • Understanding how and when to use Photoshop in conjunction with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw
  • Using adjustment layers and masks in Photoshop
  • Understanding how to fine tune tonal adjustments
  • Resizing and sharpening for output
  • Mastering the Epson Advanced Black and White print driver
  • Producing stunning black and white digital prints
  • Hands on advice from Epson experts about your printers

This one day workshop is ideal for photographers who have a love of black and white image making. As with all our Epson Print Academy workshops, you do not need to own an Epson printer as it is the journey from camera raw file to the printer that is most important.

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